Chrome Analytics helper extension

Google Chrome is a great browser, blindingly fast and convenient, allowing you to get your job/surfing done. Whats not to love about it? Well, apart from the lack of extensions..

Being a web developer, Firefox has been a godsend with its plethora of add-ons, ranging from useful (ColorZilla) to redefining how I work (Firebug).

Bottom line is Chrome will need extensions to compete with Firefox, so we made one:)

The Analytics Helper extension will search the pages you visit and if it finds any Google Analytics UA codes it displays a small notification icon in the browsers omnibar(addressbar). This makes it easy for you to see which sites have Analytics installed and a simple hover over the notification icon will show the UA codes.


Analytics Helper extension for Google Chrome

Although the initial release works well, we are already planning new features and would very much like to hear from those of you who give it a whirl.

Anything regarding the extension can be sent to, or leave a comment below.

Check out other extensions for Google Chrome here.

Happy holidays!

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8 thoughts on “Chrome Analytics helper extension

  1. Wow, great stuff! The warning when installing it, however, sounds a bit scary:

    «This extension will have access to your browsing history and private data on all websites.»

    Does this extension really need all this?

  2. Hi.

    No one at the office experienced this pop-up. We will look into it, but rest assured that no information whatsoever is passed on to our local servers at all, I guess this is a default warning from Google.

  3. Marius: Analytics helper does not actually access your history and private data!

    That warning is generated by Chrome for all extensions that interact with browser tabs, whether or not they access any private data.

  4. Chrome extension support is at time of writing only available in the beta version for Win and Linux (sorry Mac people, hope Google sort this out soon..). Download Chrome beta (seems beta is only available in English).

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